Working with over fifty Rose entrants annually and hosting over ten events between March – July in Dublin, our experienced team operate the largest regional centre of the International Rose of Tralee Festival.

A Dublin Rose has participated every year in the Rose of Tralee since it’s inauguration in 1959, with Dublin’s Alice O’Sullivan was crowned the winner.

We are a group of volunteers who organise events on behalf of the International Rose of Tralee festival. Our team is made up of former Roses and Rose Escorts, all of whom are passionate about the Festival and who work hard to create the best experience possible each year for our entrants, sponsors and charity partners.

Join the team

The Dublin Rose Centre, like every other Rose of Tralee Centre worldwide, relies on volunteers to exist.

Every year we are lucky enough to put together a team of people who are passionate about the Rose of Tralee Festival and who are able to help out in various ways.

If you are interested in volunteering please feel free to contact us.