The first ever Rose was a Dublin Rose!

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Rose Symbol 2009

Alice O’Sullivan was not only the first ever Rose of Tralee but was also the Dublin Rose ! She is seen here at the recent launch of the International Festival with current Rose of Tralee Aoife Kelly.

In it’s early years, entrants for the Rose of Tralee had to be from Tralee Town and surrounding parishes only ! Photo shows Alice O’Sullivan today, still looking every inch a Rose 🙂

A group of Tralee Business men got together in the difficult economic conditions of 1950’s Ireland and discussed ways of bringing more business into Tralee Town. The Rose of Tralee was born out of these discussions. Photo shows the first Rose of Tralee winner, Alice O’Sullivan from Dublin

Alice O’Sullivan – Dublin Rose (1959)

Alice O’Sullivan – Dublin Rose (2009)

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